R-TYPE Remastered


All Sound effects and soundtracks in this video are not my own.

R-TYPE Remastered is a trailer of a non-existing version of the popular retro video game R-TYPE, as a Computer Modelling and Animation's final project, during the last semester of the second year at Multimedia Engineering's degree. The software I used to make this trailer was: Autodesk 3ds Max and After Effects.

I modelled and animated all the spaceships and assets that you can see in the video, incluiding the environments and the Earth planet.

In order to combine all renders and make a final composition, I made a tittle based trailer using some 3D plugins of After Effects to model and animate them.

The only requirement for this practice was that I had to give a neon-looking to all models of the composition using glow effects.



  • 2016

Realistic trailer based on the R-TYPE video game.