C++ Galaga Clone


The music of this video game wasn't produced by me.

Galaga Clone is a video game I made on Linux as an individual and experimental project for the Video Games Fundamentals subject, during the third year of my Multimedia Engineering degree. This is the project which I began to feel comfortable with in C++ programming.

To develop this game, I used SFML as an interface to manage the PC components and to ease the entire development process. This allowed me to focus only on the basic concepts I had to learn (main loop, game states, principles of artificial intelligence, design patterns...)

I implemented by my own all the functionalities (player control, enemies spawn system and formation behavior, life and scoring systems...) that you can see in the video.

See the source code on GitHub.

Galaga Styled Enemies Formation

I would like to highlight that I implemented my own version of this iconic behaviour of Galaga's enemies. In order  to achieve it, I decided to create a structure to define a combination of Cubic Bezier Curves and use its points as waypoints, so enemies can use them as a path to their final position in the formation group.



  • 2017

Galaga Clone made with C++ and SFML.