Pixar Parody

Pixar Parody is a project that I made for the third practice of Computer Modelling and Animation subject, during second year of my Multimedia Engineering degree.

I was asked to model and animate a robotic character, following the next steps:


Replicate the famous introduction used to represent the corporative image of Pixar Animation Studios. In this case, I had to replace the charismatic lamp by a robot, similar to the one shown in the following image, and animate it to imitate the movement of the lamp, but as a biped character.


Other requirements were to give a personal touch to the animation and modelling of the robot, without modelling it identically as the example image and adding an own final movement, but preserving the iconic performance of the lamp in the original animation.



  • 2016

3D Modelling and animation of a biped character with Autodesk 3ds Max.