Suicide Mall

Suicide Mall is a 3D envirorment modelled with Autodesk 3ds Max. This project was carried out in order to meet the second practice's objectives of Computer Modelling and Animation subject, during second year of my Multimedia Engineering degree.

All the content in your scene must be your own production.
Miguel Davia Aracil, Computer Modelling and Animation teacher.


Design the interior of the mall shown in the following image, but with it's aesthetics, ambientation and color scheme based on the Suicide Squad movie. Special attention should be given to the development of all the elements that make up the furniture so that they are designed as faithful as possible.


Also, you have to model the following asset and put it in your scene, using the following example image. Use the materials that you think are suitable to fit the established aesthetic.



  • 2016

3D Environment inspired in Suicide Squad movie and modelled using Autodesk 3ds Max.