In the retrofuturistic late 80’s, four kids developed a passion for creating drones. Anyway, there has to be a master in this art. They compete in order to know who will rise upon all. Welcome to Inspire, our drone racing game.

Inspire is a dron racing game for PC developed by 5 Multimedia Engineering students during their last year's project. It's a video game completely made from scratch with C++ and OpenGL. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is that was build based on our own technologies:

  • Genesis Engine: graphics engine made with C++ and OpenGL.
  • Picasso Physics Engine: 3D physics engine.
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine.
  • Orion Engine: network engine to support our online multiplayer mode with RakNet functionalities.

Throughout the 8 months of development, we focused our efforts in order to achieve the main goal: optimization. The game was required to run  on a PC with 2GB RAM (700 MB reserved for video memory, no graphics-dedicated video card).

You can check the source code on GitHub.


Graphics Programmer

Developing Genesis's core functionalities and extra functionalities such as post-processing effects. I was in charge of most tasks related to debugging, optimization and performance. Also, I was one of the main designers of the engine's facade for our video game, always trying to simplify the communication between both applications.

AI programmer

Designing and implementing the entire AI system ( from scratch with C++. We used a Fuzzy States Machine for the decision-making module and Waypoints, Sensors and Steering Behaviors for the driving. Also, I supervised and gave support on debugging and optimization tasks.

3D Artist

Contributing as a Environment/Assets and Vehicles artist, modelling and texturing the Rocket Drone, the Alien Restaurant and all the assets inside of it.

Graphics Designer

Designing all the 2D graphics in the game, including Inspire's logo.


  • OCT 2018 - JUNE 2019

Dron racing game for PC developed by 5 Multimedia Engineering students from scratch with C++ and OpenGL.