FIFA Mobile 21 (EA Sports)


EA Sports FIFA Mobile 21 is the mobile version of its big father FIFA 21. It's a single and multiplayer soccer simulation game where you have a lot of different game modes and teams you can play with.

Just like its father, FIFA Mobile 21 has a huge amount of complex menus where you can customize your team's roster, play around with player statistics, create your own Ultimate Team, and so on. 

Games like this need to take serious considerations about Localization, especially for RTL languages like Arabic, which are special in terms of how everything (texts, components, lists, image assets...) needs to be laid out in the UI.

At EA Madrid, a wide range of tools have been developed that allow us to successfully adapt complex screens to such languages. FIFA Mobile is a great example.


Worked as Localization Software Engineer, analyzing the UI in the early stages of the development, with the main purpose of detecting potential Arabic issues coming from new features and new UI content, and fixing layout bugs while communicating with the QV to provide feedback about the technical limitations of its requests.



FIFA Mobile is a soccer simulation game developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for iOS and Android.