FIFA 21 (EA Sports)

The FIFA series is considered one of the most popular soccer games in the world.  It is a very advanced simulator where you can do pretty much everything related to the sport. There's a lot of different modes you can play, from conventional matches against clubs from over 30 different official leagues, to street games, and even a Career mode where you can play as an amateur player or manager that one day will become a superstar.

All of this comes with a huge amount of complex menus to customize your team's formations, upgrade your player's abilities, and so on. This amount of UI content can be a problem, especially for complex RTL languages like Arabic, where every single component and text paragraph needs to be laid out differently from most languages. 

And that was what we were working on.


Worked as Localization Software Engineer, improving and making use of the available Localization tools to adapt all the screens for Arabic and fix layout issues, analyzing and communicating technical limitations about the requests of Arabic Testers in order to find the best solution and provide the highest quality possible. 



FIFA 21 is this year's release of the very well-known FIFA series, published by Electronic Arts.