Bring RGBack!

Bring RGBack! is a video game developed in Assembly by Team Dead Pixel, three Multimedia Engineering students, for Amtrad CPC 464 (Z80 microprocessor), in order to participate in the CPCRetroDev 2018 contest.

It's a vertical scrolling shoot' em up where you have to bring the RGB components of the world's pixels back. Everything starts black and white, and bit by bit, the world will be recovering color as you go forward killing all the Color Keepers, an alien invaders with eye shape that have absorbed all the RGB of the world.

If you want to download the game, visit the CPCRetroDev results page.

Why Assembly?

We decided to participate in this challenging contest to improve our low-level programming skills and to learn how the machine really works. It was a very enriching experiencie, which let me earn more confidence in projects of greater scale and complexity.


Gameplay Programming

Developing the core gameplay functionalities from scratch in Assembly such as player control, lifes and combat system, power-ups implementation and maps generation system.

AI Programming

Helping the lead AI programmer in order to achieve interesting behaviours of the enemies.

UI Programming

I designed and programmed our entire UI system. My purpose was to provide the greatest amount of information with the least number of visual elements, given the physical limitations of the device on which we were working.



  • 2018

Amstrad CPC 464 (Z80 microprocessor) video game made for the CPCRetroDev 2018 contest.